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Our Services

We offer all I.C.T services to our clients

Remote Support

We offer remote support to handle any problem quickly and effectively. We can connect to your device from anywhere in the world to ensure the issue is dealt with as soon as possible.

Custom Jobs

We can work with you to make custom jobs into a reality, such as custom built servers, custom built gaming computers, custom built media servers. look at certain aspects that can improve quality of life.

Software and programming

We can fix any software needs from removing a virus or simply fixing an issue that you're having with your PC. Automation Programming to make any difficult or tedious tasks into a breeze.

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All Services

We offer all I.T. services to our clients


Repairs for any form of hardware within a PC, Server. We can build Custom Computers to specify exactly what the user needs. We can install hardware if required.

Website Design

We can Create, Maintain, Migrate, Develop, and improve websites. This comes with email hosting and huge possibilities. Flow is very important to a website.

SEO and multi device support

Wilden Solutions can offer Search Engine Optimisation for your website allowing everyone to see your website.


We can maintain, setup, repair majority of networking needs, Helping a business maintain their network.

Remote support!